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Equine Guided Learning is individuals and teams participating in experiential learning activities with horses. There is no riding involved, only ground work. Each activity provides participants with an opportunity to learn by doing, and gain instant, clear feedback from the horses about what is effective, and what isn’t. Horses are herd animals, which means they are naturally used to team dynamics. They establish clear roles within the herd, follow direction from the established leader, and also must step up to lead themselves when another leader is missing. They don’t engage in politics, and operate 100% on instinct. Horses can feel our hearts beating. It is one of the many ways they are constantly assessing their environment for danger, opportunity, and risk that must be managed for their survival. The feedback they give through body language and actions is clear and not influenced by many of the factors that can clutter up human feedback. This allows for us to have more immediate and powerful breakthroughs about our own leadership and choices.

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Ellen Patnaude

Co-owner & Lead Facilitator

Ellen E. Patnaude has been coaching, training, and developing people to achieve higher levels of success in a professional capacity since 1997. Her gift of insight allows her to often see what those with whom she is working are not able to see on their own—blind spots getting in the way of their success. Ellen has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Biology and French. Read More

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Danielle Leach

Co-owner & Lead Facilitator

Danielle M. Leach began working in the manufacturing industry in 1995, where her informal study of effective leadership styles began. She began training with leadership and motivational experts in 2002, and built an impressive library of knowledge in the field. Read More



Is your team looking for a completely different, exceptional, memorable off-site team building experience? Do you want to have this unique experience while also working on critical team skills? Learn more about how Equine Guided Learning can forever change your team.


Are you looking for an off-site leadership or professional development program unlike anything else you’ve experienced? Are you a business owner, manager, or just looking to improve your professional soft skills? Learn more about how Equine Guided Learning can be the best day you’ve ever invested in yourself.


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